About Us

Macquarie St Endodontics Sydney


As the first endodontic practice established in Sydney, Macquarie Street Endodontics has been providing quality endodontic treatment in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere since 1970.

The current endodontists, Dr. John Bone and Dr. Fiona Heard, continue on from their predecessors, Dr. John Mayne and Dr. Anthony Martin.

Macquarie Street Endodontics provides a wide range of endodontic services. Through advances in biological research and materials innovation, endodontics is performed upon teeth with a realistic expectation of long-term tooth retention.

Our philosophy

Our aim is to preserve the natural dentition, as we believe this is preferable to prosthetic replacement. Most teeth referred for endodontic treatment can be retained in the long-term. However, not every tooth is amenable to endodontic treatment and subsequent restoration. However, we believe that with our specialist knowledge and experience we are able to make this judgement in consultation with you, with your best interests foremost in our minds.